The trouble with good intentions

May 24, 2020 | Heart Talk

Nearly 3 years ago (embarrassing), I started a blog.  My mind was overflowing with thoughts, ideas, and a million ways I could help others like me, all while helping myself in the process.
It turned out, anxiety and stress overrule inspiration and good intention. 
Just like ordering pizza 3 nights in a row when you’ve got a stocked fridge and cupboard, my good intentions weren’t enough.
Blog posts sat unpublished. Ideas were tamed, even ridiculed.  Things I’d never say to another person, I easily said to myself. 
My anxiety got the best of me. 
I gave up.  
I gave in. 
I took a year off social media.  I stopped caring about my business.I stopped looking for clients. I even went as far as taking on a full-time job, after years of being self-employed. 
I was looking for something I couldn’t seem to find anywhere.  
And no, I still haven’t found it, but I’m still trying.
I’m finally back and ready to hit the “un-pause” button, ready to find a tribe of people who get it, and who want to be friends.
I hope you’ll stick around.


  1. David Jenkins

    Yep, tough call committing to a regular blog. What to share, how to be relevant and be sure the posts reflect your integrity.
    Good luck, may the blog force be with you.

    • Carolina

      and also with you :). Thank you!!


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